Monday, November 24, 2014


Dear Journal

I first saw the Now Famous "Dillybag" on Instagram made by Judy Newman in Victoria...large Hexagons were very encouraging after tackling small 1.5inch ones for a quilt...
I'm not really a Bag Lady as such but I was attracted too this one after seeing them popping up on IG...
well I decided to make myself one using lots of fabrics from my box for my Fly away with Me quilt...lots of fabrics that have always taken my fancy but really wasnt game enough to use...ha ha until now I have been very inspired by recent addictions on Instagram and I'm off, as they say!!
I've now made 4, 3  for xmas gifts ..and another one planned for March next year as another Gift...
when will they stop...who Knows..LOL..

I won't show the 4th one as it is to be gifted and I don't want to show just be continued.
                                                                Till Next Time


  1. Hello Maree, I love your dilly bags.I have some large hexagons just sitting in a box waiting !! You have given me an idea what to do with them.

    1. Thank You Jen lovely to have you here, these bags are great too make and very