Saturday, December 20, 2014

Baking for Xmas...

Dear Journal..
Well Today's been one of those planned Sunday's where Baking was in order, now Baking for Xmas is not something that I do year after year but with Ella getting bigger I think it's good for her to start seeing what all the build up is like to the Big Day and yes only 4 More Sleeps so I keep gettin told!!
The plan of attack today was Gingerbread Men...a Boilded Fruit Cake...Meringues and to start our Ice-Cream Log for Xmas Day Desert...well the only thing that didn't get done was the Meringues but I think Boxing Day will be good for that exercise...

Little Ella wasn't feeling 100% with earache and temps so this was a little strain on her part but it was still a distraction....mixing the dry ingredients for White Xmas Crackles Nanna's Way...yes it was a free for all with the lollies just what we need a nearly 5yr old on a sugar high plus medicine.....

 as you can see She was Very Happy with her efforts of spooning and placing the flags....she was ready too crash at this stage and she was happy to leave nanny to clean up...Thank God for Dishwasher's that's all I can say...I did also Promise to teach her how to make Pom Pom's after lunch but I can tell you that didn't happen Nanny was ready for a Rest....LOL

Today saw us making Gingerbread Men something I always wanted to make as I usually buy them from the shops...I followed a reciepe from a Donna Hay Mag and really I was a little disappointed too much Mixed Spice and not enough Ginger but all in all they worked out well...a long process at that...Ella got a bit bored with it all after helping to cut the shapes don't think there's any Chef in her just yet....also 

I made the Raspberry Coulis for the base of our Ice-Cream log for xmas day desert another first saw them on TV not hard at all...
Well you know there are many of us out there in stitching land that collect tins...I did once but hadn't for some time..saw this Shortbread at Woollies during the week much dearer than the usual but it was the tin that got my Attention as I am making 3/4" Hexies at the moment for my Stonefields Quilt and this tin is Perfect for keeping them in before sewing them into flowers..after sharing on Instagram I realised that collecting Tins is a Very Big Past Time for some...LOL ..
So that's my days off booked in for the next 3 then another lot of days off 5 infact won't be long and my shifts will change again to suit Ella starting Prep....and Another Year of What if's...
                                                                 Till next time

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  1. Hi Maree, that tin is gorgeous and there was no way I would have passed it up either. All of the baking certainly kept you occupied for the day but it was lovely having your wee helper.
    I wanted to ask you also about the different swaps you do. How do you find out about them?
    I hope you had a beautiful christmas with the family my friend, xx