Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Counting the Sleeps!!

Dear Journal
Yes the little One is counting the Sleeps till we start Prep, I say We as we are all Involved with School Drop off and Pickup...
we toddled off to the Open day on Monday Met the New Principal Mrs Gosling and was Wowed by the New Classroom for Prep, we met 2 of the New Prep Teachers both Ladies... Today we are wearing in the New School Shoes and the Count Down is On....Miss.E. is Very Excited and the thought of meeting and getting too play with Little People Again is her first Priority..lol
The New Routine of Sewing after lunch is working so far but once I'm on School Hours next week my sewing will need too start earlier in the day well at least I will get some prep done for my projects I did manage to finish this Dillybag No: 5 another to be Gifted...
I used my stash with the left over fabrics 1930's from my Gossip in the Garden Quilt I tried to keep it Retro with adding the Red & Green on the top...

 I've gotten this far with re-starting my Fly away with Me Quilt I've unpicked all 4 blocks and I'm using the same pallet of fabrics as in my Stonefields they are much more Calmer than what I had used and I can live with these much more easily...I've joined the 4 squares together to make the centre piece much bigger and I'm incorporating some of Going Green of the Hexies into the borders...I got the OK from MSG she is so generous and easy going with her patterns I'm so pleased we have her coming here in October for 2 days she is so Inspiring....

My Gorgeous Friend Peg has sent me another Diary and Cover she knows I love Pink....this will be this years Roster Keeper where I write down all my shifts just incase there is a Pay discrepancy!!

I've been shopping with Sandy of Shiralee Stitches more Beautiful Daphne Fabrics and I joined up for Sandy's Lucy Boston BOM...these will be put away till I finish a couple of ongoing projects.

Shopping on Instagram has never been so easy one of the ladies Alison from Victoria has The Cotton Factory  Alison puts up Great Bargains...also the last Instalment from Susan Smith for my Stonefields Month 10 ...I'm upto Month 4...this Quilt has 200 x  6.5inch Applique and Pieced Blocks that's just for the Centre...it's one of those projects that take FOREVER!!! 

Yesterday I had the chance to sit at the Machine and get these 4 Patches together for a Easter Swap
I'm using up a Jelly Roll that I made a Bag from this Jelly Roll is really going a long way... 

                                                                    Till next time


  1. Wow, considering how busy you are Maree, you've managed to get a lot of stitching done. Good on you. Your wee dilly bag is so cute. I have bookmarked the pattern but goodness only knows when I will get back to it. Nice jelly roll fabric.

  2. Judy I love your choice of fabrics. All your projects look amazing.
    Cheers Paulie