Friday, January 30, 2015

Raffle Tickets for a Gorgeous Quilt.

This Quilt is still to be finished and Raffled at a first time Exhibition in March at The Quilters Barn in Exhibition of the works of Margaret Sampson George and her Students...You can purchase raffle tickets from me at $2.50@ with all Proceeds going to Beyond a Blue a Charity for People suffering with Depression. Free p&h to send you your tickets....Please leave a comment if you are Interested...

3 Ladies were involved in the making of this Beauty...

Marg Sampson George from NSW...Jean Stevenson from NSW aka linenandraspberry and Liz Wright from Victoria aka lizatbroderie

Thank You



  1. I would love to purchase tickets in the quilt raffle and also enquire about the Judy Newman workshop in June 2015

    1. Thanks Annie I did get your email can you email me again with the number of tickets and your postal address and phone no: for the tickets

  2. I would love to buy 10 tickets for your quilt, but not sure how much that would be as you are not in the United States. Can I still buy tickets, and how do you take payment? This is gorgeous!

    1. Hello I'm sorry the ladies who are running this event are in Victoria Australia I'm not sure if they are still selling tickets online as the exhibition is this weekend,,,you can go too too see their or
      Thank You for stopping by.