Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Background Fabrics in the New Age.

Dear Journal
With the addition of a New Project using Modern Fabrics as I call them Not Bright enough too call for the Sunnies! but Brighter than one is use too and has changed her view over the's not so much as keeping up with the New Age but more with change in fabrics Tastes...
With my workshop last year with Marg Sampson George was the first time these fabrics came too life in my Hot little hands...all was well for the 2 days quite Overwhelmed with all the colours and patterns that were thrusted at me ...all enthused for a few weeks working on the blocks of birds and vines really liking each block individually but once I put the blocks together it was like a Dog's Breakfast...since then I have discarded those blocks and the pattern has been put too rest...
Now the Very Talented Trio have put together a New Quilt " Out of the Blue" from the Exhibition recently in Victoria...well the pattern is here and the Dilema has started....Background Fabrics.
I have a green check in my stash that I'm keen too use and some FG Plain Green but will it all go together this is the problem worrying about the end result instead of taking one section at a time...being critisied in the past for work that I have done has deflated my confidence quite a bit and as much as I love seeing what other's are making with these New Age Fabrics it all becomes a bit too hard to "Get It" as they say...Until a fellow maker of Marg's Quilts said too me on Instagram it doesn't have too be Matchy Matchy.....that has stuck in my mind for 2 days....and she is right this is what I have too put in my mind when I make this quilt...which I love ....freeform it's called just putting Elements where you want....the OK to go Freeform I think that's the hold up too being brought up in a time when Everything Matched...Your Clothes Especially...No Spots and Stripes together...No Blue and Green's hard too change that Mindset when you have applied it too yourself and your home for many doesn't have too be Matchy Matchy....that's it!!!
I've added a snippet from Kathy Doughty's Blog where she is saying that same thing....

Planning an applique quilt this season?  Lets talk about backgrounds for a minute.  There was a time when all applique backgrounds were white, bone or off white.  In order to let the applique be the hero we always opted for a disappearing background.  However...these days we can take more visual activity and that ability breaks down the barriers of rules and opens the door to a bit of energy in the backgrounds that works to compliment the decorations..  These gorgeous options from Franklin by

Denyse Schmidt are perfect! P1180867
Denyse Schimdt is a name we are all familiar with by now as she has delivered understandable, useable ranges for many years.  She is a front runner in the modern movement having staked a claim for innovative, free form piecing long ago.  Her quilts are in a word, amazing but her fabrics are so dependable that I have not missed a full range ever.  This time she has delivered a range of fabrics that will sit with nearly any feature prints you may have collected.  Greens, soft aqua, orange and magenta in plaids, tiny prints, stripes and a nice leaf are begging to be cut into big blocks and decorated with special things!
If you like something stronger, the plaids and stripes provide just enough color and energy for a dynamic result.P1180868

Then there are the playful large spots that can be used just as they are or to create a secondary pattern.
Or if you prefer stripes that suggest is another great option.  Then there is Studio KM which we have packed up in range packs for those of you that have been loving it!  Just let me know if you are intersted before it is gone...gone...gone...

I'm sure I'm not the only one that has or is having this confusion with fabrics....and another thing is too I have the upmost Respect for Designers..Especially here in Australia and I think I don't want too be disrespectful too them by not making their Design up too scratch...that's a hurdle that has been with me for sometime....I've wanted too do my own thing for sometime which is what I end up doing in the end I'll start with their pattern and then I like too put my own twist just too make it mine so too speak I always check with the designer in question before hand just too get their OK...I've had enough Negativity over the years the one thing I don't want is too be Dishonest with Myself or with them...
I am in Negotiations with Kathy Doughty from Material Obsession at the moment for  a 2 Day Workshop in 2016 just waiting on Kathy too get back too me with the date....That will be Another Great Weekend....all the info will be on the Workshop Blog

Till next time

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