Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Making Memories in a Quilt.

Dear Journal
I've had this Tablecloth for sometime it's over 40 years old, the story is My Nan found it unfinished in a bag while travelling on a train in Sydney way back then....my Nan finished it and had her friend Aunty Mary {yes all my nan's friends were my Aunties, I spent a lot of my childhood at my Nan's.}
Crochet the edge. The fine stitches and the Linen are Perfect Unfortunately I don't remember exactly what part my Nan did Finish but that's OK.
I've received my pattern for the Raffle Quilt "Out of the Blue" I've decided too make use of this tablecloth into my quilt so it can be remembered not only for my Nan but also for my Mother Barbara who when I think back on my childhood I Think suffered from a Mental Illness the Monies raised from the Exhibition and Patterns are being Donated too "Beyond Blue"...
Till next time



  1. What a lovely story and gorgeous vintage table cloth. I remember my sister doing doilies with the same designs on it about 40 years ago.

  2. Thats a great story Maree and so nice to use the table cloth in a project.