Thursday, November 12, 2015

Sorting Fabrics MSG Style.

Some tips we were given by Marg Sampson George at our workshop last month was the way too sort your fabrics....up until now my fabrics were Colour Co-Ordinated Stripes & Spots seperate it seems I was 1/4 way there...

Now they have new homes: florals lights mediums darks stripes spots script solids flowers etc are all bundled in seperate drawers....
And Labelled....I've had these drawers for about 34 years they were Blue back when our Son was Born I redid them a few years back.
Oranges for a Border....from
Also been working on getting the last corner finished on my Auntue Greens Garden nearly there...

Gorgeous new fabrics from
Last Monday night after work I headed too Brisbane Airport too pick up our London Kids the're home for 10 days for a can't see the time but they didn't appear till just after 2am! Of course I didn't get many Circles made too Excited...
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