Saturday, February 6, 2016

Podcast. My new toy.

I wrote on Instagram this morning my new Toy! so too speak. With not much on telly towards the end of January I turned too listening while I stitched into the wee hours of the morning after my late shifts during the week.

Now Mia Freedman as some of you might know was a young Potty Mouth Journalist for Dolly Magazine way back when!! I was a bit reluctant too listen too her Interviews when I came across this Podcast, of which she has a Women's Network now know as The Mummamia Women's Network, here are also other Ladies who interview very well...most of the interviews are Ladies that are known in TV, Writing, Journalist, Charities etc. something I Do Enjoy listening too more so than Reading, which is another story!

This one above is Great, the questions asked are of there Daily Routine, Family Bla Bla's Amazing how much sewing I'm getting done when I can just sit and Listen!

Look them up on Google / ITunes the're Free.

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